Behind the Blog

My name is Nicole,  I currently attend James Madison University; I am pursuing a Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication undergraduate degree. Entering college, I had planned to pursue a career as an Occupational Therapist. This required a degree in Health Sciences and a minor in the pre professional track I wished to pursue. After traveling to a different country for the first time on a trip where I worked in a school as an OT, I quickly discovered I had lost the passion for that career. However, I really enjoyed experiencing the new culture and learning more about different parts of the world. 


Culture is something that affects every single one of us. I find the way culture and experience can shape all kinds of personalities to be very intriguing. Most of the pieces I write are from personal experience or of those around me. In one of my writings I give the history of a family that immigrated to the United States and the tales they have from moving across the world. Other short stories I have are memories or events which have greatly affected my personal life. There is strength in being able to write about things that some are not willing to share with the public. My goal is to cross those boundaries and share pieces of my life to relate to those reading.