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A Little Miracle: Notion


February 17, 2022


I cannot plan more than a week in advance for any due date. As a result, I have found myself finishing projects later than agreed upon. No matter what I try, I am unable to stick with an organizational/planning tool for more than a week. While this may seem ridiculous because deadlines are all we know as editors, this issue is common for technology-age creatives. 


When I had finally given up searching, a tiny miracle appeared on my Tik Tok “For You” page. The creator @annajacobs posted a short video addressing an app called Notion. I decided to look at other creators on YouTube and see how they were using this to organize their lives. As it turns out, this website can be used for project management, editing resources, and much more.  


The first thing I created was a “homepage” to keep files and contacts separate for individual projects. I felt this was a good place to start my organization journey.













Project Management 


Notion can be used as a database for the collected files of a project. As an example, I created a project management board for my articles published on Her Campus. I thought it was important to add general information, such as socials and roles/responsibilities.


Next, I created a flow chart using a preset template that depicts which part if the writing process my articles are in. This has helped me keep track of how many articles are still due for the month and/or if I have started them. I was able to create a page where I tracked my hours for each project.


In addition, I created a calendar to track upcoming deadlines. Using Notion as a project management site has added creativity into my panning and encouraged me to quickly get work done.


The program offers a variety of templates for project management. If none of these presets work well for you, other creators have posted theirs online. Most of them are free and easily tailored to your needs.

















Editing Needs


Remembering grammar rules for each stylebook can be difficult. On top of that, you must keep track of clients and subject experts. I created an Editing page in which I keep the links to each style guide for the popular style such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. This is more accessible than searching the internet to find them as needed.


In addition to style guides, I have created a database for content specialists and clientele if needed. This has streamlined the process of contacting references for my resumé or for follow-ups.


The app features different ways of storing information, such as embedded links and board databases. Any source material can be linked to your Notion page through the app’s features.



















Why Does This Matter?


This platform provides a variety of methods to store and organize information. Being able to keep everything in one place is an underrated benefit to your work. When all your materials are a click away, projects are completed faster, less stress is induced, and your work begins to feel cohesive. Organization provides structure in a field that can feel structureless.


As editors, we deal with many different clients. This means we must follow different expectations for each project. Now, I can visually separate projects from each other and my brain can better process the information.


Finding a system that works with your style and work ethic can be frustrating, however it is necessary if you want to be a successful writer or editor. Try to remember that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Consider adding Notion to your organizational toolbox.

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